Case Study has 3 Powerful Effects to Convert Potential leads into Customers.

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.   What are the benefits of Sending Customers/ potential customers a Case Study?

The Answer to this Question Is :

1.     Who is the audience to whom we are sending this Case Study? An existing customer, a new client, a B2B customer or A B2C one? What is her demographic profile? The answer to all these questions will tell us the tone, the story and the content of our Case Study.

2.     What is the purpose of it? -to establish a brand, to get an order, to send a reminder, to introduce a new product? What do you expect from the targeted  reader?

3.     Is there some special occasion for the Case Study to be sent? For example International Book Day – to invite to inaugurate an author’s first book.

        The primary task of writing the Case Study is to interview the person whom you are writing about. This makes the study interesting. You will never know whom you might meet and end up interviewing! You can also get an email interview or skype meeting to create a background for the it.

You can take the details and prepare the plan for the case study. After it is written, we should make it visually attractive and putting the points across by adding graphics. You can also insert your publicity materials or SMM assets to make it more appealing.

B.   A Case Study is basically a story, we only remember best those materials which have a story and an emotional appeal. However for our purposes It is better if it is based on actual facts and real-life incidents, though told in a storytelling form and a convincing narrative.

               All industries and professionals, any business entity, whether B2B to B2C can take advantage of Case Studies for a defined target. These Case Studies can be used for a number of purposes: telling a brand story, convincing an undecided client, regular follow ups for bonding with the clients and many other purposes. A typical case study has the format of problem-solution-result story featuring a product or service.

They are the most effective content to change leads into customers. They aid in proving and establishing your brand as a dependable authority, show how your product solved a real problem for a customer.  They also help the prospective lead to see how they could get the similar success with your services.

What makes this such an effective content format? Consider the following points:

·                            Case studies present your product as the best available solution. It is a controversy whether this is preferable, as content which directly promotes the product in the case study itself. The answer is emphatic yes. You claim with the help of direct verifiable results. Who can contest against data from a real-life example and actual results?

·         Not all businesses use them for promotions. Blog posts are a dime a dozen, a real and effective customer experience is almost impossible to duplicate.

However, case studies will need some time and effort to create, and the icing on the cake is you can use it for various promotions of your products.

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