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Hey listen

Ho , I am a giving a course costing Rs. 500/- , but it has very useful content even more worth than Rs. 500/–

23 Slides to understand what is Digital Marketing for business persons with the added bonuses – my direct talk with my customers on Zoom. videos The second component is of 7 slides giving valuable tips on how to succeed in Digital Marketing. Great, useful and actionable tips.

See this –

6 tips for Facebook and Instagram Marketing.

19 Tips for Effective YouTube marketing.

8 tips for Email Marketing.

8 tips for fantastic Blog Posts.

6 general Suggestions.

Useful suggestions Many Other channels

All this material alone could cost you more than Rs. 10000/- so the course itself can be considered almost free now.

Why am I offering this at a low price? Because

  1. So that more and more businessmen use Digital Marketing to come out of the Pandemic losses.
  2. I get to meet more and more businesspeople and we could help each other to grow exponentially.
  3. To come out with cost effective solutions for the businesspersons.
  4. To showcase my products and services.

Now what is the free stuff I was offering? This is a bonus from my mentor, but you can get this link only if you subscribe to my newsletter in which I give regular tips, freebies and some paid courses too. Well as is the cliche that it is a Win -win offer for all.

I am offering this free course as a bundle with this paid course. See the details below.

Digital Marketing Course content

  1. Digital marketing Basics
  2. Your objections and doubts cleared.
  3. Valuable tips to grow with Digital Marketing.
  4. 2 Useful presentation PDFs to work on your Digital Marketing and grow your business.
  5. 1 powerful videos on Digital Marketing.

 Now let me tell you about  the most lucrative part of the offer. Join me from my website and I will give you 3 goodies absolutely free:

  1. The most powerful course in India by which you can earn money online by using your skills. This is worth Rs. 4999/- now offered free.
  • A mind map of DMktg for clarity and understanding.
  • A free calendar file in Excel to plan your DMktg campaigns.
  • Many other freebies coming your way as you join me on this link us/

Please do not wait now, I do not know for how much time I will be able to sustain this offer. Click on this Link to join the Digital Marketing course :


Digital marketing has become absolutely necessary in this modern era without which our business can not grow. To understand the basics of digital marketing. Disha has emerged as a very good guide to explain and make us understand the intricacies of digital marketing. Their guidance has been extremely useful in understanding and improvising the core skills required for it including content writing. This will certainly help us in determining the various ways we can go about in promoting our business on digital media.

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